McCrory Eliminates Latino Outreach Office

North Carolina’s new Republican Governor is succeeding nicely in his quest to infuriate as many people as possible and lead the march to GOP irrelevancy….

This shows just how seriously the Governor and the GOP take the concerns of one of the fastest growing demographic groups in the state and the country…

It’s really quite unbelievable how fast this man is moving to alienate people.  I just hope they remember this is his- and all the Republican’s agenda- come the next election.

There are fewer and fewer old white people left who support his kind of politics….

From the Charlotte Observer:


WASHINGTON North Carolina’s Latino advocates are voicing alarm following the governor’s decision to eliminate the state’s office for Latino affairs.

The closing of the Office of Hispanic/Latino affairs was sudden and caught many by surprise. The move appears to have exacerbated the already tense relationship between Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and the Latino community, including criticism over a driver’s license plan for young immigrants.

Advocates say it sends a message that McCrory and Raleigh conservatives are less concerned with the needs of the Latino community. Paradoxically, it comes at a time when issues of deep concern, such as immigration, are at the political forefront.

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