Some Thoughts on Boston….

I feel the need to share a few thoughts about Boston and the tragedy that occurred there….

I can already see people trying to use this horrible act of terrorism to justify their own ends and feel the need to give my perspective….

This attack was personal to me, at least at first, as I had some friends at the Marathon in Boston. I and they were lucky.  They were fine…

But that still made feel connected to this in a way I haven’t felt connected to these events since that awful day in September of 2001…

First of all, as more details are emerging about the Boston Marathon bombings, people are desperately trying to make a link to Islam and Islamic terrorism.  This really disturbs me…

I just want to ask people to stop, think and remember- three things that are increasingly difficult to ask people to do in America.

Remember, if there is a religious link, it is not a question of Islam being the root of all evil and driving terrorism.  Violence is contrary to the teachings of Islam, just as it is to Christianity.

Fundamentalism and the viewpoint that one’s personal views are right at the expense of all others is the aspect of any religion- or politics- to fear.

No single religion drives Terrorism.  Angry, isolated people do….

Stop and think about it…

And remember….

Two of the worst terrorist attacks in America were perpetrated by so-called Christians.

Eric Rudolph was the man who executed the deadly bombing at the Olympic Park in Atlanta back in the 1990’s that also injured many more people than it killed.  He also killed and maimed others with his bombs at abortion clinics.  He was a member of the Christian Identity Movement.

Timothy McVeigh, who killed 186 people when he bombed the Federal Office building in Oklahoma City, was also a Christian.  He was upset at the government response to  the Branch Davidian sect and the tragedy that followed.

They both wanted to be the personal delivery mechanism of vengeance…and they were Christians.

So, don’t blame Islam.  Don’t blame Christians….

Blame the poor, sick, lost individuals who perpetrate these acts of terror.


Think of the victims and their families.  Wish them a recovery and the peace and strength to handle what they were so unexpectedly given.

Don’t spend so much time worrying about the perpetrators and don’t seek to place blame so  simplistically and freely.

Don’t look at this as an opportunity to reinforce stereotypes and your own prejudices.

Don’t try to make political mileage out of this like so many politicians are already trying to do….

Remember the 3 tragic victims who’s lives were cut so tragically and unexpectedly short.  Remember the people with such horrific injuries that their lives are changed forever.

And remember this is an aberration.  This was an act committed by a couple of  young men whose’s reasons we may never really know, accept or understand.

This was their choice, their crime, their individual action…

Like it or not, we have to try to hold individuals accountable and not seek to judge whole groups of people just because we perceive they aren’t like us or our beliefs….

Times like this should not be used to drive personal agendas…We should have learned that from all the mistakes after 9/11.


You  can’t blame a whole group of people or people of a certain belief for the actions of a couple of misguided or sick so-called “losers”….

At times like this, we have to think- not just feel or blindly react.  We can’t look for simple solutions in a complex world.

But, stop and think….

We can try to follow a few simple, personal guidelines to get through times like this….

First, focus on the living and on life….

Then focus on keeping our freedoms, not using actions like this as an excuse to limit them…

Focus on  preaching love, not hate….

Focus on practicing acceptance and not judgement…

Focus not just on putting yourself your beliefs first, but think on how you can give hope to others, understand their journeys and help them move forward in life…no matter that they may not believe just as you do….

We really are all in this together.  Boston proves that.  As did New York, the Pentagon, Oklahoma City and Atlanta….

Don’t focus on hate and blame;  that’s probably the type of thinking that drove these two young men to perpetrate this horror…

Focus on the right things….

The good things…

That’s the best way to avoid this happening again…..

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