John Edwards’ Mistress Rielle Hunter Apologizes– And Has A Revised Book Coming Out

Oh, god….will these people never go away?

John Edwards’ home and career wrecking bimbo, Rielle Hunter’s first book flopped, so she is trying again….

Sorry, babe, your 15 minutes are up.

Please go away quietly.

Here is an excerpt and a link to more of her self serving flagellation at The Huffington Post….

And then instead of apologizing when I should have, I went on to hurt more people by writing a book. I truly did not realize at that time how damaged I was and because of that, when I wrote my book I made more mistakes, ones I feel horrible about.

My publisher came up with the idea of me going through my book and annotating all of my regrets and mistakes. I liked that idea. I thought it was innovative and interesting, but of course the actual execution of that idea turned out to be excruciating. Owning your past mistakes is no day at the beach but I do believe it is an important endeavor to undertake.

via I, Rielle Hunter, Apologize | Rielle Hunter.

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