Republicans Aren’t The ‘Daddy Party’ Anymore – Business Insider

To see how far the GOP has fallen, this is an article in “The Business Insider” by Josh Barro.

It’s an interesting familial analogy to the situation….

Here is a brief excerpt, italics are mine, and a link to the full article:


If you look past the crude gender stereotype, the mommy party/daddy party frame is actually a useful way to think about politics. Government needs to uplift the poor and protect the vulnerable; it also needs to be mindful of resource limitations, encourage productivity, and conduct its own operations efficiently.

Two parties that put different weight on these values can have productive debates about making government better. But Republicans today are not holding up their end of the division of labor.

If Republicans were once the daddy party, now they’re the abusive ex-husband with a substance abuse problem party.

via Republicans Aren’t The ‘Daddy Party’ Anymore – Business Insider.

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