John Davidson: Murderous Drag Queen

Don’t even ask how I came across this…

It’s titled:  John Davidson:  Schizophrenic Diva…

It’s apparently from an episode of “The Streets of San Francisco”…

It’s just too weird not to post!


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4 responses to “John Davidson: Murderous Drag Queen

  1. Renee

    How does it end? You come up with the most interesting posts. Thanks for always keeping me entertained.


    • Thanks, Renee…I just come across these things. I don’t know how it ends. I can’t find anymore on YouTube. We may have to buy the box set of “The Streets of San Francisco” to find out!


  2. Aunt Lily

    I remember this, he has great cheekbones.


  3. Barbara Fox

    Playing right now on MeTv channel! Had to do some searching cuz I couldn’t believe it was him!


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