Ken Cuccinnelli: DNOKD

I’m sorry, but this is really making me get on my native Virginian High Horse…

Apparently, Ken Cuccinnelli is refusing to call Terry McAuliffe who defeated him in yesterday’s Virginia Gubernatorial Election.

This is simply not done.

Good Sportsmanship and Gentlemanly behavior are very important to Virginians.  This behavior is just plain tacky…

As the FFV’s, or the First Families of Virginia to the non-cognescenti, would say:

“Ken Cuccinnelli is DNOKD.”

“Definitely not our kind, dear….”

This partially explains his loss…..


Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli R had not called Democrat Terry McAuliffe after losing the Virginia gubernatorial race and had no plans to do so as of late Wednesday morning, according to a report in The Washington Post.Cuccinelli has already publicly conceded he lost the race.

At a press conference later on Wednesday McAuliffe said he had still not heard from Cuccinelli.”I have not had the opportunity yet to speak to the attorney general,” McAuliffe said.

The fact that Cuccinelli has not called underscores how bitter the Virginia gubernatorial race was for both candidates. Much of the advertising by both Cuccinelli and McAuliffes campaign was negative. And despite public polling ahead of Election Day showing McAuliffe with a wide lead over Cuccinelli, the now governor-elect only narrowly defeated Cuccinelli.

via Report: Cuccinelli Has No Plans To Call McAuliffe.

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