Ah, Sweet Mysteries of Life…..

I’ve worked hard over the last couple of years to be less judgmental, but this post will prove I’ve failed….

I just can’t understand some things.

Here is a brief list.  Maybe you can help me….

  1. Why, when people in the US are heavier than ever, are designers and clothing companies making and pushing “slim cut” clothes?
  2. Why does dental floss have an expiration date?
  3. Why do people who waive the Confederate Flag think Black people should “get over” slavery because it happened more than 150 years ago?
  4. Why do people no longer call out “white trash” behavior?
  5. Why do we have to take our shoes off in airports because of one bomb attempt, but won’t support gun control or background checks for gun purchases when over 32,000 people were killed by guns in 2011 alone.
  6. In a related question, why does anyone need a semi-automatic weapon?
  7. How many women really look good in Yoga Pants and why do the rest of them wear them in public?
  8. How many men really look good in Tank Tops and why do the rest of them wear them in public?
  9. Why does anyone wear flip-flops in New York or any big city?
  10. Why does anyone fly when they can take the train?
  11. Why don’t people realize “cutting spending” is stupid?  If nothing else, we need to repair and grow our infrastructure before it collapses.
  12. Why does anyone who thinks Social Security and Medicare are vital programs vote Republican?
  13. Why do people think Bernie Sanders can’t win?
  14. Why do people love Hillary, but not trust her?
  15. Why does God only ask stupid Republican losers to run for President?
  16. Does anyone have a more petulant, distinct “resting bitch face” than Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker?
  17. Does Bobby Jindal have any self awareness?  Does anyone, outside of Louisiana, know or care who he is?
  18. Does Jeb! really think we have forgotten W?
  19. Why hasn’t Donald Trump married a Kardashian?
  20. Why does Caitlin Jenner getting an award make people so angry?  Don’t they realize there are many kinds of courage….
  21. When did “facts” become subjective?
  22. Why does salt have an expiration date?
  23. Why does anyone go to the movies at the theatre anymore?
  24. Why do men wearing their shirt tails hanging out think it disguises their belly?
  25. Why are there more camel toes in the average airport than in Saudi Arabia?
  26. Are there really that many people without mirrors at home?
  27. When did “comfortable” become a fashion buzz word and why?
  28. When did self-respect start meaning lack of self awareness?
  29. Don’t people realize “Letting it all hang out” was 1960’s verbiage not 2015 Fashion advice?
  30. Why have over 25 countries banned Monsanto and their GMO food and we haven’t?
  31. Why does anyone believe a Corporation is a “person”?
  32. Why don’t the 99% fight back more against the 1%?
  33. What ever happened to social activism?
  34. Why don’t people realize there is no “next” little black dress and nothing is the “new” black in fashion?
  35. Why do people up North think the South has a monopoly on racial issues and prejudice?
  36. Why all the excitement about Gay Marriage when you can still get fired from your job for being Gay and getting married?
  37. Why don’t Christians actually read the Bible?
  38. Does anyone really think anyone having a Gay Wedding would order Pizza for the reception?  Well, maybe lesbians….
  39. Who are all these supposed “stars” I’m reading about on line and never heard of?
  40. Do Republicans have a heart at all?
  41. Do Democrats know how to run campaigns at all?
  42. Why does the North Carolina Legislature seem determined to drag us back to the 19th century?
  43. Is anyone in North Carolina Politics more deservedly despised than State Senator Trudy Wade?
  44. Why would any woman vote for a Republican?
  45. Why would any Gay person vote for a Republican?
  46. Why would any person of color vote for a Republican?
  47. Why would any student vote for a Republican?
  48. Why would any person not independently wealthy vote for a Republican?
  49. Why would any person with a heart vote for a Republican?
  50. Why does anyone vote for a Republican?

I’m back….

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