A Remembrance of Things Past….

I just had a moment that reminded me of this old blog post…
Amatuer cooks really should not have good knives…
I just got some really good knives…and almost had to call the EMT’s.
I was trying to make a tomato sandwhich, with Duke’s Mayonnaise of course….
The knife slipped and it suddenly looked like the Manson Family had come to visit…
I do love good knives, but I may have to accept my limitations….
Maybe dull Dollar Store knives really are best and safest for me.

But anyway….

Here is an excerpt and the link to the older blog post:

As I said before, my Mother really could not- or would not- cook.

She always blamed my Grandmother. She said she never bothered to teach her. Or she blamed my Aunt Goldie, who she said stopped my Grandmother from teaching her because she was too little and fragile.

Both my Grandmother and my Aunt Goldie were wonderful cooks. My Grandmother’s kitchen was about the size of a walk in closet, but she could turn out delicious Holiday meals, made from scratch, for a dozen people without seeming to make much effort. She cooked 3 meals a day until the day she died.

Goldie lived for “Southern Living Magazine” and sometimes seemed to try every recipe in every issue.

My Mother would call from work and ask if we wanted anything from the Drive Thru on her way home…

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