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The Biggest Threat Facing the Country Today Is Fast Creeping Ignorance | | AlterNet

More on the theme of glorifying ignorance in America…

This acceptance and glorification of willful ignorance is really the greatest threat to our country…

There was a time we wanted the “best and the brightest” to run things…

Now we glorify mediocrities and dullards…

White people complain so much about Black people glorifying the Ghetto Culture of bling, profanity and baggy pants…

How can they talk when White folks glorify the willful ignorance of Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and Ann Coulter?

Both groups are glorifying the lowest common denominators of their culture.

If Whites argue ghetto culture brings down the Black race, they why can’t they accept the argument that willful ignorance does the same for the White race?

Both concepts glorify what used to be “negative” images that have become “positive” images in their societies…

Just my thoughts….

As a story from Alternet put it, “3/4ths of Senate GOP Doesn’t Believe in Science: The Tea Party and its allies had made it unacceptable to the GOP base to be anywhere except pandering to the anti-science crowd.” (Full Story)

The Right, which hated and feared commies and their (largely imaginary) infiltration into government, not only don’t seem to care about creeping ignorance in government, but have come to embrace this new breed of government infiltrators.

The explanation for this embrace is simple as the minds of the infiltrators: science, and for that matter any other factual analysis, tends to flatly contradict many of the Right’s most cherished fictions, such as:

The more you cut taxes the more tax revenue flows into federal coffers.

History proves America is a Christian nation.

Climate change is either not happening at all or, if it is happening, it has nothing to do with our use of fossil fuels. (“I personally believe that the solar flares are more responsible for climatic cycles than anything that human beings do. …” – Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin)

Slashing regulation of business and high finance is good for business, good for the nation and good for the American public.

If the rich are allowed to keep more of their earnings they will share it with everyone else, (trickle down.)

School science classes should be “fair and balanced,” like Fox News, when teaching the origins of life on earth by teaching the biblically-inspired “creationist” version alongside Darwin’s scientific theory of evolution.

President Obama “may not have been born in America” as he claims.

President Obama is “a secret Muslim.”

And the list of Creeping Ignorance goes on and on, growing longer with each passing month. Michelle Bachmann believes that the founding fathers “didn’t rest until the put an need to slavery.”  She also believes the first shot “heard around the world” that started our war of independence was fired in New Hampshire. It wasn’t. Did she care? Nope. Pointing out that it was fired in Massachusetts was, to her and her kind, just further proof of how the mainstream media picks on conservatives.

via The Biggest Threat Facing the Country Today Is Fast Creeping Ignorance | | AlterNet.

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