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The Magic of Facebook: Part 1

I say part one as I’m sure there is more to follow….

Tonight one of my Facebook friends mentioned Janice in one of her comments.  Janice Barnett is a great singer who provided the soundtrack to our college years.  She gave great concerts and “took us to church”, which we probably needed, at the end.  She was-and is- a great lady and a great talent.  She meant an awful lot to kids who went to Washington and Lee University, Randolph Macon Woman’s College, Mary Baldwin College, Hollins College, Sweet Briar College and other schools in our “circuit” back in the day.

I found her on Facebook tonight, sent her a friend request, and she graciously accepted.  I think it made the day for many of my college friends to know she is “real”, alive and happy.

We loved Janice and it’s nice to know that, 35 years later, we all still hold that special time and place that her music created in our hearts.

And we still love Janice!

Here is one of her greatest hits that we all danced many a night away to…..

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