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Little Sheba Came Back: Dog Crawls Home on Two Broken Legs After Tornado

I love this story about this dog.

He managed to crawl home on broken legs two weeks after the tornado sucked him out of his house’s garage.

So much love, dedication and determination….

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After Terrible Tornadoes, GOP Congressman Eric Cantor Won’t Allow Fed Disaster Relief

More on Mr Compassion, Eric Cantor, the Virginia GOP Congressmean, I mean Congressman…

From Wonkette:

This should play well in Missouri next year: House majority leader Eric Cantor (R-Meanie) has blocked federal disaster-relief help for Joplin, where an incredible storm and tornado killed at least 122 people and leveled much of the town. Police and firefighters and ambulance workers are still pulling victims from the rubble, and the Republican House is saying no help for these people from the federal government unless a bunch of programs the Republicans hate (all of them, except for defense industry no-bid contracts) are de-funded. Why not just wear monster masks and go around scaring babies, too?

via After Terrible Tornadoes, Eric Cantor Won’t Allow Fed Disaster Relief.

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