“The Glass Menagerie” at Triad Stage

We had the privilege of seeing the last performance of “The Glass Menagerie” at Triad Stage tonight.  Our season tickets are usually for earlier in the run, but we had to  move them later due to a conflict.  I really wish we had seen it earlier so I could encourage more people to go see it.  It was truly stellar.

Preston Lane’s post-modern staging, incorporating video and a striking, yet minimalist set was brilliantly executed.  His direction was spot on.  Preston and Triad Stage always do good work when presenting Tennessee William’s work, but they really raised the bar with this production.

While I love Tennessee Williams and know his work very well, “The Glass Menagerie” is usually my least favorite of his plays.  It could have something to do with  Southern Mother thing hitting a little too close home!  But, anyway, this was a whole new take on the play.  I’ve seen this play many, many times and for the first time, to me,  it really seemed to be Tom’s play and it was not overshadowed by Amanda.

All four actors gave lovely performances. It was a beautifully balanced ensemble consisting of Kate Goehring as Amanda/The Mother,  Cheryl Koski as Laura/The Daughter, Matthew Carlson as The Son/Tom and Tyler Hollinger as Jim/ The Gentleman Caller.  Great work by all.

If you missed this one, you really missed a treasure.  It’s nights like this that I am grateful that we have Triad Stage here in Greensboro.  Innovative, interesting theatre is always a treasure, but even more so when it’s in your own backyard.

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