Happy Birthday: Hayley Mills is 65 Today

Ah, yes….

Another childhood star is ready to collect Social Security.

Hayley Mills made a lot of films in the 1960’s for Disney and other Studios….

Two of my favorites were the original “The Parent Trap” and “The Trouble with Angels”.

She still works today- she had a very successful tour as Anna in “The King and I” a few years ago…

I hope another certain young, actress who was in the remake of “The Parent Trap” gets her act together and becomes professional enough to enjoy a career as long and enjoyable as the original “Parent Trap” Star…

But there is only one Hayley Mills….

Scene from “The Parent Trap”:

And from “The Trouble with Angels”:

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One response to “Happy Birthday: Hayley Mills is 65 Today

  1. Gary jones

    Well, as a teen, I remember Pollyana & her hit tune, “Lets Get Together” from the “Parent Trap”. I always liked her & not just a little bit but really, from my heart. Obviously, from an outward visual projection, shes a polished, professional talent. But, for me at least & maybe a trillon others, It’s the inner reservoir of the heart where true talent & character comes. For me, it’s by giving my heart to God that causes all other human relationships to fall in place. a fan Forever, Gary


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