Jeremy Renner: Steve McQueen In New Film

He just may be talented enough to pull this off….


A newly famous action star isn’t just embracing superstardom, he’s kicking expectations to a whole new level.

Two time Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner is set to produce and star in a biopic of legendarily rebellious actor Steve McQueen, the Oscar-nominated icon who helped define the modern action film. Renner’s new production company, The Combine, will be behind the film, to be based on Marshall Terrill’s book “Portrait of an American Rebel” and “The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon.”

McQueen, whose career was launched to true stardom with the TV show “Wanted: Dead or Alive,” featured in a slew of popular action movies through the 60’s and 70’s, including “The Magnificent Seven,” “The Great Escape,” “Bullitt,” and “The Thomas Crown Affair,” amongst many others. He became at one point the highest paid actor in the world; his obsession with racing led him to do many of his own stunts and cemented his reputation as fearless leading man.

Renner has been on an epic run of his own; scoring back-to-back Oscar nods for action-filled dramas “The Hurt Locker” and “The Town,” he’ll appear in the new “Mission Impossible” film this summer with an eye on taking over the series from current headliner Tom Cruise. He’s now playing Hawkeye in the comic book epic “The Avengers” with director Joss Whedon, and he’s the choice to take over the “Bourne” films from Matt Damon.

via Jeremy Renner: Steve McQueen In New Film.

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