Happy Birthday, Holly Golightly….

And Sabrina Fairchild, Maid Marian, Eliza Dolittle, Princesss Ann, Sister Luke, Regina Lampert and Joanna Wallace ….

By that I mean, Happy Birthday Audrey Hepburn.  She would have been 82 years old today…

There will never be another actress like her…

One of the things that always struck me about her as an actress was how well she listened….

She wasn’t a scene-stealer, she just quietly made an indelible impression.  You couldn’t take your eyes off her…

She was many things…Beautiful-inside and out.  Stylish-and style setter.   Elegant, yet down to earth…

She survived the horrors of World War II to conquer Broadway and Hollywood….

And walked away from the top of the box office to raise her children….

She came back as an occasional actress, but a full time goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations.

And she’ll alway live on film:

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