Chapter 54: A College Letter Home from Washington and Lee on Derby Day | My Southern Gothic Life

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Last year my Mother moved – well, we forced her to move- to, an Assisted Living Facility.  She had reached the point of beyond crazy that wasn’t just Southern.  It was physical and pathological.  She had some mini-strokes and was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia.

That meant we had to clean out the house she had lived in for over 50 years.  And that meant we found some truly frightening things….

I’m not talking about the panties, she had taken to stuffing behind books in the bookcase or in the kitchen cabinets.  I’m not even talking about the family photo’s or ball gowns from the 1950′s and cocktail dresses from the 1960′s.

I’m talking about pieces of my own past that had been enshrined there.  I had to get in there fast and get hold of those things before my sister could put them on FaceBook.

One of the things I found was a file of letters I had written home from College at Washington and Lee University in the late 1970′s/early 1980′s.

Yes, paper letters. On monogrammed 100% Cotton Crane Stationary.  Written appropriately in black or dark blue ink.

I’ve decided to post one letter in it’s entirety, without editing.  This proves I both have no pride and no shame.

via Chapter 54: A College Letter Home from Washington and Lee on Derby Day | My Southern Gothic Life.

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