‘I Wanted A New Life,’ Says Actor, Author Rob Lowe : NPR


I’ve fought against it.

I’ve resisted buying or reading this….


I just went to Amazon and bought it…

When even NPR is taking it seriously, I now have acceptable cover…

From NPR:

Well before Rob Lowe made it to Hollywood, he’d gone out of his way to meet Liza Minelli: As a kid in Dayton, Ohio, he’d knocked on her hotel room door, and stayed to share a chat and some chocolates. As he left, Minelli told him, “See you in Hollywood, kid.”

And a few years later, he did make it to Hollywood — as one of its breakout stars.

But for all his success, Lowe is also a child of divorce, a veteran of alcoholism and an actor who has experienced many personal and public highs and lows. He’s chronicled his rocky ascension to stardom in a new memoir, Stories I Only Tell My Friends.

via ‘I Wanted A New Life,’ Says Actor, Author Rob Lowe : NPR.

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