21 Reasons Why May 21 Is NOT The End Of The World

I hate to miss this, but we’ll be on our way home from Ocracoke….

Still, here is someone explaining why we don’t have to worry anyway….

For the Huffington Post:

Those who claim to have knowledge of the situation say “Judgment Day” will take place May 21. A Christian radio network has gone so far to “guarantee” this will happen.

As the date gets closer, the panic has spread. Billboards are being put up and people are walking with signs on the streets. There are even Craigslist ads seeking to make out on the pending fire sale.

But is May 21 really the end? Nope. And we have the top 21 reasons why.

via 21 Reasons Why May 21 Is NOT The End Of The World.


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2 responses to “21 Reasons Why May 21 Is NOT The End Of The World

  1. wwefanawesome143

    may 21 2011 is not the end . Cant you see they just want money and only god knows when the world is gonna end, not some random person. Also it says in the bible that NO MAN KNOWS WHEN THE WORLD IS GOING TO END. Dont believe what people say just go and live your life:)


  2. Sydney

    Reasons and Explainations why the world is NOT GOING TO END:
    1.the bible said that only God knows when the world is going to end.
    2.the weather forecasts are predicted for next week… so the world will still go on.
    3.there would be severe storms, tornadoes,earthquakes…etc before the world would end.
    4.why would God destroy his magnificent, beautiful creation of earth?!
    5.I voted on a poll question on the internet and the question was, “Do you think the world will end on May 21?” and the results were 90% voted No, and 10% voted Yes.
    6.even scientists aren’t sure when the world will end, but yet…a random guy says it’s going to end on May 21 2011… *YEAH RIGHT!*
    7.there have been over at least 15 predictions when the world was going to end, and all of them failed. (this one for sure will fail too…and 2012 will fail)


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