Doomsday Preacher Wrong in More Ways Than One – Leonard Pitts Jr.

Beautiful column from Leonard Pitts…

He points some of the things I don’t understand about these people focusing on the End of Times…

I still say we should all embrace this life- and not just focus on what happens next….

We’ll find out that answer eventually.

But the tendency to focus on the end is like looking through the wrong end of a telescope. It suggests mortality is a thing to be feared. Granted, one would never think this, much less say it when death breaks hearts and overflows eyes, when it strikes without warning or lingers above a sickbed, when it takes away the very young or the very loved, but a case can be made that mortality is really a gift of sorts.

The understanding that life is finite lends a bittersweet urgency to this business of living. Seasons change, years pile upon years, hair turns to silver and then to memory and in all of it, there is an undercurrent: get done what you came here to do, give the gifts you meant to give, do the good you’re able to do, say what you need to say, now, today, because everything you see is temporary, the clock is ticking and the alarm could go off any second.

Camping had it wrong in more ways than one. He told people to get ready for the end. Better they should live ready for the end.

The key word there being, live.

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