Majority Of U.S. Babies Are Non-White For First Time

This is great news.

Old White People have done enough.  We can thank them for the Republican House of Representatives, Ronald Reagan and Jerry Falwell.

They can go now….they all just need to sit down, watch Fox News and let the younger folks take us forward…

I’m looking forward to seeing how the new multi-racial, multi-cultural U.S. shapes up politically….

If we can just get through the next few years…

From The Huffington Post:


For the first time, minorities make up a majority of babies in the U.S., part of a sweeping race change and growing age divide between mostly white, older Americans and predominantly minority youths that could reshape government policies.

Preliminary census estimates also show the share of African-American households headed by women – made up of mostly single mothers – now exceeds African-American households with married couples, a sign of declining U.S. marriages overall but also continuing challenges for black youths without involved fathers.

The findings, based on the latest government data, offer a preview of final 2010 census results being released this summer that provide detailed breakdowns by age, race and householder relationships such as same-sex couples.

Demographers say the numbers provide the clearest confirmation yet of a changing social order, one in which racial and ethnic minorities will become the U.S. majority by midcentury.

“We’re moving toward an acknowledgment that we’re living in a different world than the 1950s, where married or two-parent heterosexual couples are now no longer the norm for a lot of kids, especially kids of color,” said Laura Speer, coordinator of the Kids Count project for the Baltimore-based Annie E. Casey Foundation.

“It’s clear the younger generation is very demographically different from the elderly, something to keep in mind as politics plays out on how programs for the elderly get supported,” she said. “It’s critical that children are able to grow to compete internationally and keep state economies rolling.”

Currently, non-Hispanic whites make up just under half of all children 3 years old, which is the youngest age group shown in the Census Bureau’s October 2009 annual survey, its most recent. In 1990, more than 60 percent of children in that age group were white.

William H. Frey, a demographer at the Brookings Institution who analyzed the data, said figures in the 2009 survey can sometimes be inexact compared with the 2010 census, which queries the entire nation. But he said when factoring in the 2010 data released so far, minorities outnumber whites among babies under age 2.

via Majority Of U.S. Babies Are Non-White For First Time, Census Finds.

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One response to “Majority Of U.S. Babies Are Non-White For First Time

  1. Jennifer Scism Ash

    I find this very interesting especially since my children have a bi-racial (really multi-racial) background. We have known for some time that single mothers in the African American community are heads of households in larger numbers, compared to white households. I see they recognize the complexity of sexuality in this article, stating that hetero couples are not the norm for a large portion of our kids. However, I have always wondered about the legitimacy of the idea that absentee fathers causes problems for youth, particularly youth of color. The way they phrase it almost makes it seem as if kids absolutely need a man as a parent, ignoring the fact that a lesbian couple can successfully raise a child. I guess they are simply saying that the absence of any parent has a negative impact.


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