Going Populist? Dems Put GOP On Spot Over Tax Benefits For The Super-Rich | TPMDC

It’s really unbelievable the GOP wants to cut Medicaid, kill Medicare and cut Social Security, but they won’t agree to any tax increases for Millionaires and Billionaires.

Even on yachts or private planes.

I don’t see how anyone who isn’t a millionaire can continue to be fooled into voting Republican.

You really ought to click the link and read this article from Talking Points Memo….


The Democrats’ response, from the rank and file up to President Obama, has been a political twofer. If Republicans are taking all taxes off the table, then they’re playing reverse Robin Hood — demanding trillions in cuts to social programs while refusing to budge on preferences to unfathomably wealthy special interests. It’s class war, but in tactical sense. If they can make the GOP feel so uncomfortable that they agree to end special tax favors for the ultra-wealthy — even if those favors don’t ultimately cost that much money — then maybe they can break the anti-tax firewall and encroach on $400 billion.

Here’s what they’re focusing on.

via Going Populist? Dems Put GOP On Spot Over Tax Benefits For The Super-Rich | TPMDC.

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