Happy Birthday Hubbell Gardner and the Sundance Kid: Robert Redford is 75 Today

I really can’t believe it….

The Golden Boy is 75 years old today.  Actor, Director, Humanitarian, Activist and Steward of the Earth Robert Redford is 75 today.

Here are a few of my favorite memories of this one of a kind legend:

First, my all time favorite Redford film that featured him at his most beautiful and iconic:

Another iconic performance with another icon, Paul Newman:

A little-known film that was one of his first and one of my favorites.  “Inside Daisy Clover” with his dear friend, the wonderful Natalie Wood:

Another quirky, very different film from the ’70’s, “Jeremiah Johnson”:

And finally, the classic film about Politics, “The Candidate”, that he produced himself in 1972:

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