Mommie Dearest, Part 2: Martha Stewart’s Daughter Lashes Out at Domestic Diva in New Tell-All

Leave Martha Stewart alone!!!

I’m so tired of celebrity children trying to cash in on their parents.  No one would buy this lousy book if the bitch wasn’t Martha’s daughter.

Get a life and get a job- and not one your Mother gave you.

If I were Martha, I’d be calling my attorney and doing a little trimming on my Will….

Next thing you know, she’ll be trying to tell us Martha doesn’t do all this stuff herself, but has a staff to do it for her….

From that paragon of Journalistic integrity, US Weekly:


In a scathing new tell-all book, Martha Stewart’s daughter, Alexis, reveals that life as the homemaker’s child was far from perfect.

“Martha does everything better! You can’t win!” Alexis, 46, writes of her mother, 70, in her new book Whateverland: Learning to Live Here, out October 18 (as first excerpted by the U.K. Daily Mail). “If I didn’t do something perfectly, I had to do it again. I grew up with a glue gun pointed at my head.”

Now a mother herself, Alexis angrily reflects in her book on Martha’s lack of basic parenting skills.

“Martha was not interested in being kid-friendly,” Alexis reveals in Whateverland. “She used to make me wrap my own presents. She would hand me things right before Christmas and say, ‘Now wrap these but don’t look inside.'”

But Alexis says she took the most issue with the domestic diva’s habits around the house.

“My mother has a sign on all of her doors to take your shoes off,” Alexis writes. “For god’s sake! My mother’s dogs p–s and s–t on her rugs and she’s telling people to take their shoes off?

“[She] always peed with the door open,” Alexis continued of her mother’s bathroom hygiene. “I remember saying, ‘You know, now I have friends over! You can’t do that anymore! It’s gotta stop! My friends’ parents don’t do it! Give me a break here! I don’t feel like being embarrassed! It’s exhausting! I’m a kid! Stop!'”

Though Alexis drops these and other bombshells in the book, she insists she harbors no ill will. In fact, she even dedicated the tome to Martha. Says the TV personality of her daughter, Alexis: “She’s her own person. She makes up her own mind.”


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