Happy Anniversary to Us!

My first date with my partner, Steve, was 14 years ago today.

It lasted 48 hours…

We moved in together 6 months later…

And have been together ever since…

I want to thank him for the best 14 years of my life as we look forward to at least another 50!


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8 responses to “Happy Anniversary to Us!

  1. Happy 14th!!! That’s actually a very good record. May you have many, many more. Have you ever seen the movie
    “Last Call at Maud’s”? It’s really good I think. Thanks and and have a wonderful day.


  2. Vanita

    Happy Anniversary!


  3. gail

    Happy anniversary! Sorry I missed the big day. Obviously, you two are doing something right, it is no small feat to have a relationship of 14 years and yours seems to be happy. Many, many more years of happiness for you and Steve!


  4. Linda



  5. Happy Anniversary, Scott! You’re still Newlyweds, as far as I’m concerned. Enjoy the new year together.

    — Doug


  6. Kirk

    Congrats to you both! I’m sorry to learn of this so late!! Next year think gift registry for your 15th…I like shopping @ Target now …again!


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