To sir, with love: How ‘Glee’ turned Matthew Morrison from Broadway stalwart to international star -The Independent

One of the many things I love about “Glee” is that it’s given so many Broadway people a wider audience and bigger paychecks.

We saw several younger members of the cast on and off Broadway in “Spring Awakening”.

We also knew Matthew Morrison from Broadway.  We had seen him in “Light in the Piazza” and maybe a couple of other things.  I hated that he had left “South Pacific” by the time we got to see it as we had been looking forward to seeing his Lt. Cable.

So I’m quite pleased to see him making it big now.  We already have our tickets to see him live, again, when he comes to Greensboro this summer.

Here is an interesting article about him I thought I would share…


Morrison is Glee’s break-out male star, and not just because he gets to share screen time and vicious dialogue with the best female character, comedy nasty cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (played by Jane Lynch). On the set he’s known as “Triple Threat”: he can sing, he can dance, he can act. So, after rigorous training, can most of the other cast members. But not with the natural-born – and professionally honed – savvy of Morrison.

Prior to Glee, he was a Broadway stalwart with a decade of well-regarded, award-winning performances behind him, in shows including Hairspray, The Light in the Piazza and South Pacific – he was the male lead in the latter when Glee creator Ryan Murphy cast him in the show. He went from earning “something like 10 grand a week” to a figure he can describe only with a cat-that-got-the-cream smile.

With seven to 10 years’ age on most of his castmates, he is also a little more sanguine about the hoopla surrounding what has become one of the biggest TV shows in the world. “I’m so happy I got to live out my twenties in New York and be free to do whatever I wanted to do, not under that public eye and that scrutiny,” he says. “I feel bad for the rest of the guys that they’ll never experience that.”

via To sir, with love: How ‘Glee’ turned Matthew Morrison from Broadway stalwart to international star – Profiles, People – The Independent.

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