Campus Walkout Planned by Occupy Wall Street

It seems like this is just getting bigger and bigger…I think it’s already bigger than the Tea Party movement started out to be and much more open and supportive of Democracy.

I’m also so very glad to see so many young people involved and trying to bring so much positive energy to the process- as opposed to the old, bitter, mean Tea Party crowd….

It will be interesting to see how this plays out and even more interesting to see if the mainstream media covers it….

I wish these guys luck!

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has already spread to Washington D.C., Boston and Los Angeles. On Wednesday it will reach college campuses. On a Facebook page called Occupy Colleges, student organizers are planning protests — without specifying much in the way of goals, other than expressing “solidarity” with the left-wing protests that have gripped lower Manhattan.

A related website advertises a national student walkout: “Wednesday, October 5th, countrywide student walkout 12PM your local time. Do not go to school Go fight for yours and everybody else’s rights at Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Los Angeles or your nearest Occupation. The time is now to join our fellow %99!”

The site includes a list of 24 campuses where student groups have organized walkouts.

Student walkouts are generally forms of nonviolent protest, but students who skip class out of laziness are often lumped in with those who did so with the protest in mind, making it difficult to gauge any such effort’s success..

The “Occupy” movement has largely used Facebook and Twitter to organize its ranks.

via Campus Walkout | Occupy Wall Street | Solidarity Movement | The Daily Caller.

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