Rick Perry On Increasing Income Inequality: ‘I Don’t Care About That’

Well, this shouldn’t be news to anyone….


a)  We all knew Governor GoodHair was an Airheaded Ex-Cheerleader just like George W Bush- but with worse grades at a worse school and an even meaner disposition.

b) Everyone should know by now the entire GOP- and some of the Dems- are bought and paid for by the Corporations and the Rich.  They are just starting to be honest about it….

c)  “I Don’t Care” should be the Republican Party’s  Campaign Slogan for 2012.  The Rickster is just ahead of the curve on messaging.


From The Huffington Post:


Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry says he wants a huge tax break for the rich, and he doesn’t care what it means for income inequality.

Rick Perry announced on Tuesday that if elected president he would slash the corporate tax rate to 20 percent from 35 and give everyone the option of paying a flat income tax rate of 20 percent.

He also would try to encourage U.S. companies who have stored $1.4 trillion overseas to move their profits back to the United States by allowing them to pay 5.25 percent in taxes at first, according to Reuters.

The plan, if enacted, would dramatically reduce the tax burdens of the wealthiest people in the United States, saving millions of dollars for some, while raising taxes for poor and middle-class people who opt into the plan.

“I don’t care about that,” Perry said of the increased economic inequality that would result from the tax plan in an interview with The New York Times. “If that’s what comes, I’ll take that criticism.”

via Rick Perry On Increasing Income Inequality: ‘I Don’t Care About That’.

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One response to “Rick Perry On Increasing Income Inequality: ‘I Don’t Care About That’

  1. I agree with the substance of this post–Perry is a total nightmare, and I don’t see why Texas keeps putting these people in the Big Chair (don’t they want their State chief executive to be a capable person willing to “cross the aisle,” so to speak, in order to get things done in the legislature and, on the federal level, to have the ability to coach and cajole his collection of US senators and representatives in order to get them to work hard for their State in Congress?), seeing as how Texas is no cakewalk to govern–and thought that his blatant disregard for the poor was sickening.

    However, I think we need to be careful when making statements like “[e]veryone should know by now the entire GOP…[is] bought and paid for” simply because they are (1) inflammatory and (2) not true. There is a minority, no matter how small, of pols on both sides who genuinely prefer to work with the opposition party and get stuff done rather than engage in foolhardy brinksmanship as displayed during the recent “Debt Ceiling Debacle.” Liberals especially should be careful because the Extreme Right’s 24-hour-per-day noise machine is already insulting and inflammatory; the Left can gain a few points with independents if none of their accusations can be faulted or disproved.



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