New Years Resolutions-2012

I don’t normally make New Years Resolutions.  It’s just too mainstream….

I mean, if everyone else is doing it, I normally refuse to do so.

Same with Popular Culture.  I refuse to watch or do whatever is “in” now.

I prefer to sit on the sidelines and do my own thing.  I am a Libra….

But this year, after not making New Years Resolutions for more than 20 years, I will break precedent.

That means I may have a few more than the average person….

Here are my resolutions for 2012:

  1. I will go to the gym at least 3 times a week and take yoga class at least once a week.  I’ve done it before, I can do it again.
  2. I will try the “Slow Carb” Diet.  If I do not lose the promised 20 pounds in one month, I will not say “Screw it”, forget #1, and order a recliner, a carton of cigarettes, a case of wine and a pizza.
  3. I will stop running around town in my bedroom shoes.  I tell myself, no one else can really tell they are bedroom shoes, but I know better….
  4. I will do everything I can to defeat the anti-gay marriage amendment in North Carolina this year.
  5. I will try to remind myself I have lived in North Carolina almost as long as I lived in Virginia and try to let go of my Native born Virginia prejudices against all other states.
  6. I will call out companies that do not offer decent Customer Service and Customer experiences.  This may take all my time….
  7. I will try to accept the fact that I live in a declining Democracy and not expect things to work as well as they once did.
  8. I will tell Time Warner Cable to go to hell unless they give me a really good deal on cable.  I can be bought….
  9. I will accept the fact that Barrack Obama is not both Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, JFK, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Mother Theresa and Jesus Christ all rolled into one and be grateful for what he has done and try to get him re-elected.  The alternative is unthinkable.
  10. I will continue to think that people who vote Republican must be very rich or very stupid.
  11. I will spend at least 30 total days in the USAirways Club and be grateful I have a job that lets me do so.
  12. I will try not to judge people unless they behave, dress or vote very badly.
  13. I will remind myself repeatedly that I am a citizen of the World, not of Greensboro, not of North Carolina, not of the South and not of  the USA.
  14. I will try to walk a mile in someone else shoes- as long as they are new- and not high-heeled.  I have bad ankles….
  15. I will recognize that I filter life through  some Elitist filters and, since they are based on education, knowledge and facts,  that’s okay.
  16. I will continue to hate USAirways.
  17. I will have no patience with people who judge only based on their personal religious or cultural “beliefs” no matter how poorly informed and uneducated they may be.  That is no excuse.
  18. I will continue to strive for a world where all people wear all natural fibers and only eat naturally grown/raised food.
  19. I will consider the words “High Fructose Corn Syrup” the worst words of profanity that may be uttered or printed.
  20. I will continue to believe Corporations are not people.
  21. I will continue to believe Jesus Christ would not recognize many modern Christians.
  22. I will continue to hope that Christians finally accept that other people’s beliefs are as legitimate as theirs and let it all wash out in the  afterlife….
  23. I will continue to hope people finally realize there is a separation of Church and State in the Constitution and that it really is best for everyone.
  24. I will hope that we reach the point that religion is such a private, personal journey that I don’t have to have some of these resolutions.
  25. I hope that there is at least one decent movie coming out of Hollywood next year and that we can continue to depend on independent films for good films that challenge the mind and don’t just give an outlet to whiny white women and eternally adolescent men.
  26. I hope there is at least one new show on Broadway that makes me want to go to New York.
  27. I will go abroad.  Somewhere.  It’s been three years.  I need to be reminded of how well some things like mass transportation, health care and food are done in Europe.
  28. I will not to kill anyone in either my birth family or my family of choice.  No matter now much they may provoke me or deserve it…
  29. I will look up at least one old friend and try to reconnect.  As we grow older, we must recognize people who helped make us who we are and what they meant to our journeys….
  30. I will go out of my way to be kind to an elderly Gay person.  The prior generations did not have the choices and benefits we have had and we must look after our own….
  31. I will wear more red because I like it….
  32. I will care even less what others may think…
  33. I will be proud of what I’ve achieved  and not think of what might have been…
  34. I will look forward more than backwards…
  35. I will let people who matter know how much they mean to me,while avoiding cheap sentiment….
  36. I will enjoy life…
  37. I will not fear the future  (My College Motto- took me a long time to appreciate this one…)
  38. I will survive the 2012 Elections no matter what…
  39. I will appreciate my friends- on the blog, on Facebook and in person- and be grateful for so many channels for friendship.
  40. I will celebrate 15 years of being with my soul mate and the most wonderful man on earth by realizing that is the most important gift of all.


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5 responses to “New Years Resolutions-2012

  1. Betsy Brown

    Beautiful, inspiring resolutions! I love your blog ALL the time, but today is exceptional, and has certainly given me thought for some resolutions I myself should make! (the first being to stop using so many exclamation points in everything I write!!!)


  2. Vanita

    Ditto Betsey. I agree with everything you said except the exclamation point. I love using them in mini-writings!!! Scott, glad you decided to make resolutions this year. You give me hope! Vanita


  3. Renee

    Thanks so much for sharing your resolutions. You always make me examine my thoughts and actions.


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