Airplane Caught In Duct-Taped Window Shocker

Oh, god….please don’t give USAirways any ideas!  I have to fly home on them Friday and I wouldn’t put behavior like this past them.  I think they find Ryanair inspirational….

At least this does show there is at least one non-U.S. airline as cheap, tacky and undependable as all the U.S. Airlines.

This has to be exaggerated- has to be- but still, it’s not outside the realm of the possible.


200 passengers got the shock of their lives when their plane was forced to do a U-turn and head straight back to the airport after their pilot’s window, which had been ‘patched up’ with duct tape, came loose.

Apparently the mental-underachievers in the Ryanair maintenance crew thought that just taping the window down on a jetliner would be a good idea. But according to the Irish Aviation Authority the tape was there just as a precaution to secure a new window seal. One passenger told The Sun:

“We were kept in the dark, and were terrified. I could see guys taping in the windscreen with what looked like duct tape or gaffer tape.”

I’m surprised Ryanair didn’t call the tape a ‘cost-saving measure’, or indeed charge the customers more for the thrill. [The Sun via Aol via Gizmodo UK]

Update: Many readers have pointed out that it was most likely “speed tape” used to patch the window up, which is reportedly stronger stuff than your average duct tape. We can only go on what was reported at the source (in this case, The Sun – not the bastion of facts, as you’re all aware).

via Airplane Caught In Duct-Taped Window Shocker.

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  1. Betsy Brown

    OMG, thank goodness, I don’t have a flight in the near future. Good luck with your trip on Friday!!


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