The Time Has Come: Ban Straight Marriage

Great article from David Mixner’s blog, Live from Hell’s Kitchen:


The LGBT community likes to believe it is a tolerant community that is open to a wide spectrum of alternative relationships. However, with the recent marriage of Kim Kardashian that lasted for only 72 days we might have reached our limit. After a ten million dollar wedding, entirely sponsored by commercial interests, we are treated to a scam of a divorce. If only this was an exception in the straight community but alas it is just the latest in scam marriages that have placed heavy burdens on the institution of marriage.

What kind of message does this send our children? What kind of role models does this provide our little ones? These high profile short term marriages are just the ones visible. Can you imagine how many straights have practiced this violation of their marriage vows across the country?

The time has come for a Constitutional Amendment to ban straight marriages .

The haphazard way that straights have approached marriage hurts LGBT marriages. The LGBT community has worked hard to win marriage equality. With these clowns staying with their spouse for less than six months seriously demeans our scared vows. The LGBT community has had its patience tested with these quick divorces and it is time we take action.

Look at the record of the celebrities who have scarred the institution of marriage. Gwaker reports that these marriages have lasted less than six months. It is shocking, I tell you, it is shocking!

More: – Live From Hell’s Kitchen.

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