RuPaul for President

I can understand how people get RuPaul and Ron Paul confused.

They are very similar in so many ways (tongue firmly in cheek).

And I can promise you I would vote for RuPaul for President before I would vote for Ron Paul or any other Republican likely to be nominated by the GOP this year-or any -year.

And RuPaul is definitely as credible and qualified a candidate as Sarah Palin…

From Politico:

RuPaul, the world’s most famous drag queen, is on his way to the Red Arrow Diner in New Hampshire to spread his message. What would that message be? The host of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” would like to promote a little love and remind folks in The Granite State that he is not 2012 candidate Ron Paul.

RuPaul explained to POLITICO: “I’m going to N.H. on a mission to spread love and set the record straight: contrary to recent reports, I am NOT Ron Paul. And I am not running for president of the United States. I hope to meet Ron Paul in person so we can be seen together to put the rumors to rest once and for all. And to remind Mr. Paul and all the Republican presidential candidates ‘if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else. Can I get an ‘Amen?’”

RuPaul described himself in a press release as “not a political person by nature,” but added, “any time a man leaves the house in a wig and a pair of cha cha heels, he’s making a political statement.  Let us not forget that this great nation was founded by a bunch of men wearing wigs.”

via RuPaul wants you to know he’s not Ron Paul –

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