Mitt Romney Relying Heavily on Small Group of Super-rich Donors

Well, if it wasn’t clear before, this certainly makes it clearer….

Mitt Romney is the Chosen One of the 1%….

I just hope the 99% of the rest of us turn out to vote against this out-of-touch, elitist schmuck…

From the Washington-Post:


One of Mitt Romney’s strongest assets as the GOP presidential front-runner is also a potentially serious liability in the race: his heavy reliance on a small group of millionaires and billionaires for financial support.

A quarter of the money amassed by Romney’s campaign and an allied super PAC has come from just 41 people, each of whom has given more than $100,000, according to a Washington Post analysis of disclosure data. Nearly a dozen of the donors have contributed $1 million or more.

The preponderance of mega-rich supporters poses a political challenge for Romney, who has struggled for weeks over questions about his vast wealth, his history as a private equity manager and a series of gaffes that seemed to highlight his privileged station. He stumbled again on Wednesday when he told a CNN interviewer that he was “not concerned about the very poor, because they have a safety net.”

via Mitt Romney relying heavily on small group of super-rich donors – The Washington Post.

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