Owner Sends ‘Gay’ Dog To Be Euthanized

Too bad the dog couldn’t send his owner to be euthanized for stupidity….

Good news is the dog was saved…

Bad news is there is nothing to stop someone this ignorant, cruel and heartless from getting another one…

Let’s just hope he never has a Gay child…

Excerpt from the Huffington Post with link to full story:

A Tennessee dog owner sent his pet to be euthanized because he suspected the dog was “gay.” Fortunately, the pup was later adopted.

A Jackson, Tenn., resident surrendered his “gay” dog for euthanization to the Jackson Rabies Control Animal Shelter on Jan. 29 because he saw his male pitbull/American bulldog mix “humping” another male dog, the Examiner reports.

The Huffington Post confirmed with Jackson Rabies Control, a high-kill shelter, that the dog had been surrendered because his owner believed he was “gay.”

Although animals can be gay, dogs mount each other to express dominance, for play or because of nervousness/excitement, Psychology Today notes.

A Facebook campaign was set up to try and save the “gay” dog, according to the Atlantic. A Facebook post detailing the troubling situation called for immediate action.

via Owner Sends ‘Gay’ Dog To Be Euthanized (PHOTO).

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One response to “Owner Sends ‘Gay’ Dog To Be Euthanized

  1. No Easter basket for that SOB!


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