Rand Paul “Educates” Black People…And Proves He’s An Ignorant, Elitist, Entitled White Man- Again…..

Rand Paul is truly an idiot….

People just didn’t realize it in time to prevent him from becoming a Senator….

The good news is, the Peter Principle has kicked in:  He has reached- and surpassed- his level of incompetence….

And he’s illustrating it on the national stage….

From ThinkProgress.org:

On Wednesday morning, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) gave an address at the historically-black Howard University designed to convince black voters to support Republicans. While some of his remarks, most notably on harsh drug laws and other civil liberties issues, were well-received, the majority of the speech consisted in Paul condescendingly explaining American racial history to the audience, occasionally incorrectly, and expecting that it would open black voters’ eyes to the real Republican Party. Here are five moments that encapsulated the general problem with Paul’s speech:

More:   Five Ways Rand Paul Whitesplained Politics At Howard University | ThinkProgress.

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