Chapter 78: Reclaiming the VEQ | My Southern Gothic Life

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There has been an off and on effort in the Gay Community for years to reclaim certain derogatory terminology and make it acceptable to the Gay Community.

The first and foremost example of this is the word “Faggot”.  Larry Kramer started the reclamation of this term with his novel back in the 1970′s.  To sum it up, as Joe Jackson sang in his song “Real Men”, don’t call me a faggot unless you are a friend.

I still don’t like that word.  But then, I have never been but so Politically Correct.  Accepting standard orthodoxy has never been my strong point.

Instead, I’m planning to spend 2014 reclaiming the word “queen”, and all its derivations for the Gay Community.

via Chapter 78: Reclaiming the VEQ | My Southern Gothic Life.

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