The Late, Great Amy Winehouse….

We saw this documentary last weekend at a movie theatre in Greensboro….

It was heartbreakingly good…

I loved Amy Winehouse and this just reinforced my belief that she was a true artist.

She had her demons, she had a rough home life, she made some bad choices, but she was a once in a lifetime talent.

And she was eaten alive by the press.

Some people just don’t have the ability to cope with fame on a global level.  It has to be both wonderful and scary.

I urge you to see this documentary and maybe you will understand.

She was an artist, not mere fodder for the Corporate Media Conglomerates….

And I won’t comment on her parents….

But I will say this supports my theory that family of choice frequently is more supportive and good for someone than birth families…

What a loss….

And further proof of her greatness as a vocalist and perhaps what she was really looking for in life…

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