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Mitt Romney Wonders Why Airplane Windows Don’t Roll Down

I’m so speechless, I’m posting this without much of a comment…


How could anyone want this Airhead to be President?

He really ought to understand this…Especially given how much time he spends on planes.

Or maybe his brain just isn’t getting enough oxygen….


After his wifes plane was forced to make an emergency landing this weekend, Romney told the Los Angeles Times, he was worried for her safety. The candidate then continued on a bizarre tangent that showed just how little the Republican nominee understands about flight.

“I appreciate the fact that she is on the ground, safe and sound. And I don’t think she knows just how worried some of us were,” Romney told the paper. “When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly.”

Romney said the biggest problem in a distressed aircraft is that “the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem. So it’s very dangerous.”

The main reason airplane windows dont open is because there isnt enough oxygen at cruising altitude to keep passengers alive. The fear of window or cabin failures, which would lead to potentially fatal hypoxia, is why many planes are equipped with emergency oxygen masks.

“You can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open,” Romney told the Times, suggesting that additional oxygen in the cabin during the electrical malfunction couldve alleviated the problem. In fact, if there were an electrical fire on board, additional oxygen would have fed the flames.

Strangely, Romney seemed to acknowledge the importance of oxygen later in his comments. “Fortunately, there was enough oxygen for the pilot and copilot to make a safe landing in Denver,” he said.

via Mitt Romney Wonders Why Ann Romneys Airplane Windows Dont Roll Down.

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Fox News: Paul Ryan’s RNC Speech ‘Was Attempt To Set World Record For Blatant Lies’

I actually tried to watch some of this last night, but couldn’t stomach but so much of Eddie Munster’s lies.  I wondered, as I watched it, if the media would call him on it.

I’m very pleased today to see the media almost unanimously lined up to call attention to the lies Ryan was trying to pass off as facts last night.  I know the GOP lies, but even I’ve been shocked at how blatantly the Romney campaign has spread these lies and refused to acknowledge them.

And for Paul Ryan to stand on the podium at the GOP Convention and look right in the television cameras and lie should be shocking.  What’s shocking is that it isn’t shocking….it’s just the normal GOP way to trying to win.

Lie, Lie and Lie and refuse to acknowledge inconvenient truths and facts.  That’s today’s Republican Party and Paul Ryan is the new two-faced poster boy.

You know it’s really bad when even Faux News, normally the mouthpiece of the GOP, starts calling them on their lying….


According to Fox News columnist Sally Kohn, vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s speech at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday “was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech.”

“On this measure, while it was Romney who ran the Olympics, Ryan earned the gold,” Kohn wrote.

In a surprising move, Fox News joined CNN, The Huffington Post, the Washington Post’s Wonkblog, and ThinkProgress in publishing a fact-check of the Republican vice presidential nominee’s speech, finding that the speech was full of lies and misleading assertions.

via Fox News’ Sally Kohn: Paul Ryan’s RNC Speech ‘Was Attempt To Set World Record For Blatant Lies’.

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Why Mitt Screws Up

Another interesting analysis of why Mitt Romney is looking more and more uncomfortable on the public stage and making more and more mistakes….

I just hope people are paying attention and asking themselves if this man really is capable of being President in a diverse and changing world….

It’s obvious to me Romney is only really comfortable with the wealthy elite, his family and other Mormons.  How can people expect him to “get” their lives and problems if he lives in such a small bubble.  Of course, he screws up when he steps outside this small world….

It’s the only world he knows…

From Justin Frank at Salon.com:


But what is not hard to do is to think about what most likely motivates this behavior that puzzles so many in the media – including supporters who are frustrated with Romney’s unwillingness to disclose more of his tax returns. I think the force behind this behavior is massive anxiety, pure and simple. He is anxious about revealing who he is and about interacting with people he doesn’t know. He appears to have much less experience than Obama in interacting with people from all walks of life. Basically, he is uncomfortable except within his own family and in the presence of those who share his wealthy background and Mormon faith. There are many ways to defend against overwhelming anxiety, one of which is to act certain about every answer given.

What comes out besides this sense of smiling certainty are signs of anxious contempt toward others – whether it is how the British run their Games or saying that kids who can’t afford college should borrow money from their parents. Put together, these and many similar statements – his pleasure at firing people or his belief that corporations are people (is that why he can comfortably bankrupt some?) – are all evidence of a hostility not dissimilar to stories about his bullying of others during his prep school days. At this stage, I suspect Mitt Romney is too anxious to be an effective president.

via Why Mitt screws up – Salon.com.

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Is There Something Really Wrong with Mitt Romney?

Interesting and frightening article from Joan Walsh at Salon.com….

She goes so far as to suggest Romney is s not just insensitive, entitled and socially incompetent, but may have a personality disorder…

Hat tip to Jon Aravosis  at Americablog.com where I first saw this mentioned…

I’ll just keep watching and we can all draw our own conclusions as time goes by….

Here is an excerpt from Ms Walsh’s article and a link to the full column:

I’ve written that Romney’s many gaffes reflect his enormous sense of entitlement and lamentable lack of empathy. Surveying British Olympics logistics, he felt entitled to hold forth on its flaws harshly, because that’s the sort of thing he did at Bain Capital. Perhaps Romney thinks the British should have outsourced the Olympics. Or maybe he sees an opening for a leveraged buyout, to make it more efficient. At any rate, the guy who said, “I like to be able to fire people who provide services to me,” is a guy used to mercilessly appraising a situation and delivering a slashing verdict. He clearly feels he’s entitled to do that anywhere.

But could it be more than entitlement and an odd personal style? I’ve found myself wondering over the course of the campaign whether Romney has some kind of personality disorder, so dissociated does he occasionally seem from the well-worn routines of normal human interaction. Maybe we should be asking to see his medical records and not just his tax returns. I don’t mean to be flippant about that or insensitive to any kind of problem he may struggle with. But his struggles are our struggles; he’s running to be our president. There is something very odd about Mitt Romney.

via Joan Walsh – Salon.com.

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“Mitt the Twit”

At least that was the headline in the UK Newspaper “The Sun”  and other UK papers this morning….

Seems his diplomacy trip has made quite the impression…

Just not the one he intended…

He makes George W Bush look like a skilled diplomat….

Here is a great summary of his Greatest Diplomatic Blunders- so far:

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NAACP Official: Romney ‘Flew In’ His Own Blacks to Cheer NAACP Speech

Romney has to be the biggest trickster since Nixon…

And at least Nixon was good to his dog….

This is an amazing-and amazingly inept- attempt at Media manipulation….

This man is dumber than W and more dishonest than Nixon….

It’s a good thing he’s not too bright or he would really be dangerous with all that money….


An official with the NAACP suggested that Republican challenger Mitt Romney brought his own black supporters to the NAACP speech yesterday to give the appearance that NAACP members were applauding him. And when Romney later told Fox News that black people at the event gave him a standing ovation and said in a private meeting they would vote for him because of dissatisfaction with Obama, they were actually his own people, the official suggested.

The revelation was made on MSNBC’s “Ed Show” by Hilary Shelton, Senior Vice President for Advocacy and Policy and the Director of the Washington Bureau of the NAACP, who said Romney flew in black conservatives to stand up at the end of his speech, allowing Romney to claim he got a standing ovation.

“I spoke with a number of African-American leaders after the event and they said, you know a lot of folks don’t want to say they’re not going to be voting for Barack Obama, but they’re disappointed in his lack of policies to improve our schools,” Romney said in an appearance on Fox, where he said he expected to get booed by the crowd and he also claimed he got a standing ovation. “Disappointed in urban policies, disappointed in the economy. 14.4% rate of unemployment among African-Americans today. The president has not been able to get the job done. People want to see someone who can get the economy going, so I expect to get African-American votes.”

Hilary Shelton told MSNBC host Ed Schultz that the only African Americans Romney met with after his speech were those that he brought with him. He never met with any NAACP members. So while he wasn’t explicitly lying about meeting with black leaders at the convention, either he or somebody on his campaign knew that he was intentionally misleading Fox viewers.

Many analysts have also questioned Romney’s motives behind going to the NAACP convention and purposely inciting the crowd by referring to the healthcare plan as “Obamacare,” a term originated among conservatives and intended to be derogatory name-calling, and saying he would try to repeal it. In a piece on The Daily Beast, Michael Tomasky suggested that Romney sought the boos to excite his base of conservative white voters.

via NAACP Official: Romney ‘Flew In’ His Own Blacks to Cheer NAACP Speech.

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Romney: America the Beautiful

Even though I live in a Swing State, I don’t watch television, so I may be the last person on earth to see this ad…

This is one of the most quietly devastating political ads I have ever seen…

And it was done by the Democrats for a change!

I’m so proud of President Obama’s campaign!

It looks like they are willing to fight to win….

And ads like this are how they need to do it….

Now, if only the other Democrats would learn this….

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The Bain Job Losses Mitt Romney Doesn’t Want You To Know About

All this stuff about Romney and Bain Capital isn’t new.

He’s just upset because it has been used effectively against him before and he hoped to avoid it happening again….

Here is an ad Ted Kennedy rain against Mitt Romney when Romney ran his losing campaign against Kennedy for the Massachusetts U. S, Senate seat in 1994.

And here’s some info from ThinkProgress.org today on what’s behind this current controversy…

No wonder Romney is trying to get people to stop talking about this stuff….

Critics have highlighted a number of businesses that were bought by Bain Capital and then reorganized to maximize profit for the investment firm, with several falling into bankruptcy and vanishing entirely. In several instances however, Mitt Romney defended his candidacy by pointing out that he left Bain Capital in 1999 to run the 2002 Winter Olympics, before those companies began their collapse. With a new timeline that shows Romney was the CEO and principle owner of Bain Capital as late as 2003, that defense now sounds much more questionable. Here are four companies that folded or downsized in the three year period after Romney claimed to have left Bain Capital:

– GS Industries – 750 Jobs Lost: In a series of ads earlier this year, the Obama campaign hit Romney over Bain Capital’s purchase of GS Industries, a steel company that closed its Kansas City plant and eliminated 750 jobs in February 2001. The Romney campaign responded by claiming that Romney had left Bain Capital well before 2001, and was therefore not tied to the collapse of the GS. Bain Capital and its executives, including Mitt Romney, earned at least $12 million on the initial investment.

– KB Toys – Up to 3,500 Jobs Lost: During the primary season, Newt Gingrich’s 30 minute documentary on Romney and Bain Capital spent a significant amount of time focused on KB Toys, a retail chain bought by Bain in 2000. At the time, the Romney campaign, with an assist from fact-checking groups like PolitiFact, pointed to the calendar. As these new filings show, Romney was still very much at Bain Capital when they purchased KB Toys, and profited mightily when the company took out crippling loans to pay Bain Capital an $83 million dividend.

– Dade International – 1,700 Jobs Lost: Months after Romney claims to have left the company, Bain Capital received a $242 million bounty for its stake in the medical supply company. Romney profited substantially from the deal. In 2002, Dade International filed for bankruptcy, costing more than 1,700 people their jobs. At the time, Romney was the 100 percent owner of Bain Capital, the new documents show.

–DDi Corporation – 275 Jobs Lost: In 1996, the circuit board manufacturer was bought by a group of investors, with Bain Capital in the lead, for more than $40 million. By December 1999, DDi closed a Colorado plant and fired 275 workers. Bain Capital, with Romney still listed as Chairman and CEO, then proceeded to take DDi public, raising $170 million during the company’s IPO in 2000. Over the next few months, Bain began selling off its stock, raising almost $100 million, more than doubling its investment. The stock plummeted shortly thereafter.

In all, as many as 6,000 jobs were lost at these four companies during the period between when the Romney campaign alleges he retired, and when the Globe’s report suggests he actually stepped down.

MORE:   The Bain Job Losses Mitt Romney Doesn’t Want You To Know About | ThinkProgress.

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Mitt Romney: Bained and Confused

You can argue that elections ought to be about real issues….

That’s how the Democrats lose so many elections they should win.

The Republicans always go for diversions and attack ads, while the Democrats wring their hands, take the high road and lose….

Well, I ‘m glad President Obama’s campaign has apparently seen the light.

The attacks on Romney and Bain Capital are off subject, but brilliant.

And they are working….

If you are going to fight dirty tricks like Karl Rove and the GOP pulls, you have to be willing to join them in the gutter.

And listen to them scream “unfair” when someone does to them what they’ve been doing to others for years….

The next white shoe to drop will be Romney’s tax avoidance…..

Joe Klein at Time gets it….


Back in June of 1988, Lee Atwater took me aside and showed me some stuff that Bush the Elder’s campaign had developed against Michael Dukakis, who was then enjoying a 17-point advantage in the polls. The “stuff” seemed laughable. Dukakis hadn’t signed an order requiring schoolchildren in Massachusetts to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. He had once said that he was a “card-carrying member of the ACLU.” The most damaging bit was that he’d run a weekend parole program for prisoners, which had been abused by several inmates. (If I remember correctly, Atwater didn’t lay out the sordid details of the Willie Horton case.) In any event, I thought these “issues” were fairly pathetic–and they were. But…

They proved to be devastating. Part of it was the Dukakis campaign’s ineptitude when it came to responding–a consequence that led directly to the establishment of Bill Clinton‘s famed “War Room” in 1992. But more important, this coordinated campaign  ”defined” Dukakis as an out-of-touch, soft-on-crime Massachusetts liberal, a prisoner of the “Harvard boutique” etc etc etc. He spent the entire summer on the defensive. I still think the pledge of allegiance stuff was pretty silly–Dukakis had refused to require children to say the pledge in order to honor the beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses–but it was a nail in a brilliantly constructed coffin.

Fast forward to now. Mitt Romney is experiencing a Dukakis-like summer playing defense. The Obama campaign has also constructed a brilliant coffin, custom-made for a turnaround artist. There are many nails in this coffin, some more important than others. The nails are being hammered in a natural progression. There is a logic to this. The current controversy over whether Romney was or was not running Bain capital during the years 1999-2002 is a relatively minor nail–the functional equivalent of the Pledge of Allegiance. Bain was involved in the global economy during those years. This meant outsourcing jobs to places like Mexico and China, which meant the creative destruction of obsolete jobs here at home. Whether Romney was directing them or not, these activities were perfectly legal. That doesn’t matter, though:  there is confusion about why he was still listed as the boss if he wasn’t really the boss, which seems shifty. And there’s the question of why he was making tons of money if he wasn’t the boss, which is what this is really all about.

via Bained | Swampland | TIME.com.

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Mitt Romney: I Have Secret Black Supporters

You can always tell when Mitt Romney is lying….

It’s anytime he opens his mouth….

Sounds like he’s trying to gloss over all the bad coverage for getting booed at the NAACP speech today…..

From TalkingPoints Memo:


After his speech to the NAACP national convention Wednesday, Romney said he connected with black leaders in private and was assured that the loud and sustained booing he got for promising to repeal the health care reform law didn’t represent the feelings of all African American voters, even if they can’t say so in public.

“I spoke with a number of African-American leaders after the event and they said, you know, a lot of folks do not want to say they will not vote for President Obama but they are disappointed in his lack of policies to improve the schools,” Romney told Fox, according to a rush transcript. “The president has not been able to get the job done and people want to see someone would can get the economy going so I expect to get the African American votes, and at the end of my speech having a standing ovation was generous and hospitable and I believe we disagree on some issues like ‘Obamacare’ on a lot of issues people see eye to eye, they want someone getting the economy going.”

Polls show Romney has made no inroads with the African American electorate. He’s pulling single-digit support among black voters in the PollTracker Average. But by Romney’s account, it’s possible black voters are simply afraid to tell pollsters their real feelings.

via Mitt Romney: I Have Secret Black Supporters | TPM2012.

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