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What Happens When You’re Buried at Sea?

I found this fascinating….

But then it may be just me….

I find cemeteries both fascinating for their history and a waste of space…

I’ve already told my partner I want to be cremated and my ashes spread somewhere nice- like the Virginia mountains.

Or he can just flush me….

Doesn’t matter to me….

As long as I’m not stuffed in a box wasting space…

Last Monday, at around 11 in the morning local time, Osama Bin Laden’s body dropped from the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson into the Arabian Sea. According to the Pentagon, the hours-old corpse had been washed and placed in a simple white sheet in accordance with Islamic practice. It was then sealed inside a weighted bag and laid on top of a board, which was tilted until “the body slid off into the sea.”

Back on land, the controversy surrounding Bin Laden’s last splash was just beginning. But beneath the waves, nature was taking its course, quietly and methodically turning the world’s most-wanted terrorist into fish food. You could say Osama bin Laden had received the ultimate green burial, courtesy of the United States Navy.

Obviously, the decision to consign Bin Laden to the deep was motivated by expedience rather than eco-friendliness. Seafarers from Odysseus to Ahab have long known that there’s no better way to quickly be rid of a corpse than to toss it overboard. But only recently has this salty custom been rediscovered as a relatively efficient way to be laid to rest with minimal environmental impact.

via What Happens When You’re Buried at Sea? | Mother Jones.

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