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Funeral Strippers: Taiwan Showgirls Strip For The Dead

Beats speaking in tongues, snake handling, suttee and other funeral customs I can think of….

Maybe I’ll put it in my will that I want a couple of male strippers at my wake.  That ought to drive up attendance….

From The Huffington Post:

In many Eastern countries, paying respects to the dead with earthly gifts — like food and money — is not an uncommon practice. But in Taiwan, some have taken ancestor worship to sexier heights, as strippers pole dance and peel off their clothes for the benefit of the deceased.

According to an AFP report released Tuesday, pole dances and stripteases are commonly performed at religious festivals in some areas in Taiwan in order to “appease the wandering spirits.”

In some cases, women dressed in tiny miniskirts and revealing brassieres shimmy and shake on stage in front an audience of men, women and children.

However, though this may seem bizarre to some, it is neither a new nor terribly unorthodox practice — at least as far as Taiwan goes.

via Funeral Strippers: Taiwan Showgirls Strip For The Dead During Religious Events Honoring The Deceased (VIDEO).

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Ashes To Ammo: How To Reload Your Dead Loved One

From the “Only in the South” files via NPR….


When a loved one dies and is cremated, family members face a tough decision on what do with the ashes. Some want the final resting place to be spectacular — spread in the Grand Canyon, launched into space, sprinkled in Times Square; others just keep Aunt Jane’s remains in an urn at home.

“The ashes get put on the mantel, stay there for a couple of years, and then a couple of years later, they get put in the attic,” says Thad Holmes. “A few years later, the house gets sold and, ‘Oh gosh, we forgot the ashes!'”

Holmes, a conservation enforcement officer in Alabama, and his buddy Clem Parnell, came up with an unusual way to honor the dead. Their company, Holy Smoke, takes your loved one’s ashes and turns them into ammunition.

The idea was born one night when Holmes and Parnell were working the late shift, talking about how they wanted to be buried. Holmes said he wanted to be cremated, sprinkled on a nearby lake. His partner had another idea.

“I want my ashes placed into some good turkey-load shotgun shells,” Parnell said. That way, someone could go kill a turkey with him, Holmes tells Robert Smith, host of weekends on All Things Considered.

“He could rest in peace, knowing that one more turkey, the last thing he saw, was Clem screaming at him at 900 feet per second.”

Holmes’ first reaction when he heard his friend? “He just expressed what I’d like to do with my ashes.”

Holmes says his company’s services begin after the funeral. They take the ashes that are sent to them, put them into the requested shells, then ship the ammunition back to the sender. Their biggest concern, he says, is handling the ashes sensitively.

“We want people to understand that each shipment of ash is handled with utmost care,” he says. “So it’s not a simple process, you just going out, finding somebody that can go, ‘Here, I’ll throw ’em in there.’ It just doesn’t work like that.”

Holy Smoke, which has been in business for a couple months, charges $850 for a case of shells. The company has shipped out two orders. The feedback, Holmes says, is positive.

MORE:   Ashes To Ammo: How To Reload Your Dead Loved One : NPR.

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Increase in Number of Unclaimed Bodies: Relatives Can’t Afford Funerals

Another sign of just how bad the economy is out there for some folks.  This is unheard of in the South.

Those of us in the middle class are generally insulated from this type of situation-but not always.  And it appears it’s happening more and more frequently to people who probably didn’t see it coming…

From the Greensboro News and Record:

GREENSBORO — The number of bodies that go unclaimed each year is rising across the country — even in the South, where traditions die hard and cousins twice-removed could once expect a family burial.

Bodies are being abandoned everywhere — from hospital morgues to the funeral home that picked up the person who died at home.

“They’re being outright unclaimed by family because family members claim they have no money,” said Clyde Gibbs, North Carolina’s chief medical examiner, whose agency has seen an increase from 45 unclaimed bodies in 2006 to 73 in 2010.

Numbers are not kept by the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services or most states, although a county’s social services agency is responsible for disposing of those bodies. Agencies contract the services to local funeral homes or crematoriums. State law requires a mandatory 10-day hold on unclaimed bodies.

“Weddings and funerals are the last vestiges of tradition,” said Paul Harris, executive director of the industry-regulating N.C. Board of Funeral Service, which is getting more calls from funeral homes stuck with remains.

“I’m hard-pressed to believe our human nature doesn’t cause us to want to do something.”

More:   Relatives forced to leave the deceased : News-Record.com : Greensboro & the Triad’s most trusted source for local news and analysis.

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What Happens When You’re Buried at Sea?

I found this fascinating….

But then it may be just me….

I find cemeteries both fascinating for their history and a waste of space…

I’ve already told my partner I want to be cremated and my ashes spread somewhere nice- like the Virginia mountains.

Or he can just flush me….

Doesn’t matter to me….

As long as I’m not stuffed in a box wasting space…

Last Monday, at around 11 in the morning local time, Osama Bin Laden’s body dropped from the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson into the Arabian Sea. According to the Pentagon, the hours-old corpse had been washed and placed in a simple white sheet in accordance with Islamic practice. It was then sealed inside a weighted bag and laid on top of a board, which was tilted until “the body slid off into the sea.”

Back on land, the controversy surrounding Bin Laden’s last splash was just beginning. But beneath the waves, nature was taking its course, quietly and methodically turning the world’s most-wanted terrorist into fish food. You could say Osama bin Laden had received the ultimate green burial, courtesy of the United States Navy.

Obviously, the decision to consign Bin Laden to the deep was motivated by expedience rather than eco-friendliness. Seafarers from Odysseus to Ahab have long known that there’s no better way to quickly be rid of a corpse than to toss it overboard. But only recently has this salty custom been rediscovered as a relatively efficient way to be laid to rest with minimal environmental impact.

via What Happens When You’re Buried at Sea? | Mother Jones.

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