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Funeral Strippers: Taiwan Showgirls Strip For The Dead

Beats speaking in tongues, snake handling, suttee and other funeral customs I can think of….

Maybe I’ll put it in my will that I want a couple of male strippers at my wake.  That ought to drive up attendance….

From The Huffington Post:

In many Eastern countries, paying respects to the dead with earthly gifts — like food and money — is not an uncommon practice. But in Taiwan, some have taken ancestor worship to sexier heights, as strippers pole dance and peel off their clothes for the benefit of the deceased.

According to an AFP report released Tuesday, pole dances and stripteases are commonly performed at religious festivals in some areas in Taiwan in order to “appease the wandering spirits.”

In some cases, women dressed in tiny miniskirts and revealing brassieres shimmy and shake on stage in front an audience of men, women and children.

However, though this may seem bizarre to some, it is neither a new nor terribly unorthodox practice — at least as far as Taiwan goes.

via Funeral Strippers: Taiwan Showgirls Strip For The Dead During Religious Events Honoring The Deceased (VIDEO).

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