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Mac Stores Tell Workers, Instead of Giving You Health Care, Working for Apple ‘Should Be Looked at As An Experience’

Somewhere along the way, the social contract between workers and employers has completely disappeared in this country.

Workers now seem to be viewed solely as a cost to Corporate profits.  Unless you are a CEO, CFO or other very high level employee…

I hate to tell them, but the way to avoid Unions, which most companies fear like the Plague, is to treat your workers fairly.

Apple doesn’t seem to get this…

This is a disturbing article, from AlterNet.com, about one of my favorite companies that makes some of my favorite things.

I’m an Apple Addict.

What makes this so disturbing is that I’ve always seen Apple as such a modern, forward-thinking company.  And they are wildly successful and profitable.



Those workers who did ask received a consistent response: “Money shouldn’t be an issue when you’re employed at Apple.” Instead, managers said, the chance to work at Apple “should be looked at as an experience.” “You can’t live off of experience,” said the worker interviewed. The Wall Street Journal reported last week that Apple has outpaced Tiffany & Co. jewelers in retail sales per square foot.

Employees said that Apple keeps its healthcare costs down by defining even employees working 40 hours a week as part-time if they can’t guarantee open availability (availability to be scheduled to work anytime the store is open). The three workers interviewed said that most employees at each of their stores either work second jobs or go to school, making open availability impossible.

These workers are instead offered Apple’s “part-time” health insurance plan, which costs them much more and the company much less. The Bay Area worker, who works 32 to 40 hours a week, is currently going without medication for a serious health condition because he can’t afford the $120 to $150 a month for the “part time” plan. “$120 a month is what I live on after rent and bills,” he said. All three employees said that the majority of their co-workers were classified as part time.

via Mac Stores Tell Workers, Instead of Giving You Health Care, Working for Apple ‘Should Be Looked at As An Experience’ | | AlterNet.

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Vermont Moving Toward Single-Payer Health Care

One down, 49 states to go…

I love Vermont.  I spent some time there about 20 years ago and I think that experience was probably what planted the seed that eventually lead me to become a Democrat.

It’s can be a little crunchy granola, but Vermont is also an imminently sensible state that understands the need for people to look out for each other while applying good old New England Common Sense.

I hope other states will follow their example.

Single Payer is all that makes sense if you want to control Health Care Costs.

It works in Canada and the UK and just about every other first-world country…

From Reuters:

Vermont became the first state to lay the groundwork for single-payer health care on Thursday when its governor signed an ambitious bill aimed at establishing universal insurance coverage for all residents.

“This law recognizes an economic and fiscal imperative,” Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin said as he signed the bill into law at the State House.

“We must control the growth in health care costs that are putting families at economic risk and making it harder for small employers to do business.”

Legislators say the plan, approved by the Democratic controlled House and Senate this spring, aims to extend coverage to all 620,000 residents while containing soaring health care costs.

A key component establishes a state health benefits exchange, as mandated by new federal health care laws, that will offer coverage from private insurers, state-sponsored and multi-state plans. It also will include tax credits to make premiums affordable for uninsured Vermonters.

The exchange, called Green Mountain Care and managed by a five-member board, will set reimbursement rates for health care providers and streamline administration into a single, unified system.

Residents and small employers will be able to compare rates from the various plans and enroll for coverage of their choosing.

As designed, the goal is an eventual state-funded and operated single-payer system.

via Vermont moving toward single-payer health care | Reuters.

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