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New Evidence Could Clear 14-year-old Executed by South Carolina

This is one of the saddest cases I’ve ever read about….and that’s saying a lot.

This case, alone, should make people realize how unjust the Death Penalty is and how we will never be able to separate it from racism.

And another word to my Republican “Friends”, you can’t be “pro-life” and “pro-death penalty”.  It’s a contradiction in terms….

From RawStory.com:

Over 67 years after 14-year-old George Junius Stinney Jr. was put to death by the state of South Carolina, he may soon be cleared of the crime that people familiar with the case say he never could have committed.

A lawyer and an activist both told Raw Story recently that new evidence will show that the black boy could not have possibly murdered two white girls, 11-year-old Betty June Binnicker and seven-year-old Mary Emma Thames.

Stinney, the youngest person to receive the death penalty in the last 100 years, was executed on June 16, 1944. At five feet one inch and only 95 pounds, the straps of the electric chair did not fit the boy. His feet could not touch the floor. As he was hit with the first 2,400-volt surge of electricity, the mask covering his face slipped off, “revealing his wide-open, tearful eyes and saliva coming from his mouth,” according to author Joy James.

After two more jolts of electricity, the boy was dead.

MORE:   New evidence could clear 14-year-old executed by South Carolina | The Raw Story.

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This is Not Fiscal Conservatism. It’s Just Politics. – Jim Wallis – God’s Politics Blog

Another great article from Jim Wallis at Sojourners….

The Republican governors’ counter parts in the U.S. House of Representatives are also not cutting spending where the real money is, such as in military spending, corporate tax cuts and loop holes, and long term health-care costs. Instead, they are cutting programs for the poorest people at home and around the world. This is also just political and not genuine fiscal conservatism. It is a direct attack on programs that help the poor and an all-out defense of the largesse handed out to big corporations and military contractors. If a budget is a moral document, these budget-cutters show that their priorities are to protect the richest Americans and abandon the poorest — and this is an ideological and moral choice. The proposed House cuts, which were just sent to the Senate, are full of disproportionate cuts to initiatives that have proven to save children’s lives and overcome poverty, while leaving untouched the most corrupt and wasteful spending of all American tax dollars — the Pentagon entitlement program. This is not fiscal integrity; this is hypocrisy.

MORE:   This is Not Fiscal Conservatism. It’s Just Politics. – Jim Wallis – God’s Politics Blog.

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