Paper Lantern Theatre presents “End Days”

I really enjoyed tonight’s sold-out performance of “End Days” as presented by The Paper Lantern Theatre Company at Triad Stage’s Upstage Cabaret here in Greensboro.

The production is beautifully acted and directed.  The play itself has some problems.  It’s over-written, a little repetitive, in places, and I think would play better if cut to a 90 minute play with no-intermission.  Also, it has the episodic/skit structure that is so popular with younger playwrights who were raised watching television.  However, it still makes for a very enjoyable evening in the theatre.

It’s the extremely talented cast and artful direction that really make it work.

If it’s not sold out for the last performances,  I would recommend you see it.

I also applaud Paper Lantern for doing so many new plays here in the Triad.  They are a great addition to our  theatrical community.  Paper Lantern consistently provides people here with a chance to see plays that made some noise off-Broadway, but would not normally have been done here in the past.  And they do them all very well…

I wish them a long and successful life!

More info from

Triad Stage presents Paper Lantern Theatre Co’s production of End Days by Deborah Zoe Laufer, January 19-30 at Triad Stage’s UpStage Cabaret, 232 South Elm St, Greensboro.

End Days marks Paper Lantern Theatre Company’s two-year anniversary. In this rapturously funny play, Deborah Zoe Laufer addresses the question, If the rapture was indeed on its way this Wednesday, which of your close ones would be saved…truly saved? Variety describes End Days as “…a satirical dark comedy with a moral edge.”

Sixteen year old Rachel Stein (played by Cheryl Koski) is having a bad year. Her father (played by Lee Spencer) hasn’t changed out of his pajamas since 9/11. Her mother (played by Amy daLuz) has begun a close, personal relationship with Jesus (played by Matt Palmer). Her new neighbor, a sixteen-year-old Elvis impersonator (played by Chris Raddatz), has fallen for her hard. And the Apocalypse is coming on Wednesday. Her only hope is that Stephen Hawking (played by Matt Palmer) will save them all.

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