Jesse James Trashes Sandra Bullock in the Bedroom…

Can this man get any more despicable?

To say he is no gentleman is the understatement of the year….

And he’s been to rehab, so he can’t use being under the influence as an excuse…

The only answer is that he’s just trash…and Sandra’s well rid of him.


In case there was any question lingering in your mind whether Jesse James is still a raging jackass, his latest attempt at public relations should remove all doubt. Promoting his new memoir, “American Outlaw,” the man who cheated on America’s Sweetheart with a White Power enthusiast and then bragged of being “the most hated man in the world” seems determined to drum up even more ill will. During a Wednesday visit on Howard Stern’s Sirius show, Stern questioned the thrill-seeking entrepreneur/reality star about whether his fiancée, Kat Von D., was better in bed than Sandra Bullock, and James unhesitatingly replied, “That one’s an easy no-brainer … Yes sir, 100 percent.” Way to win back your public, James! Maybe he’s jealous of all the attention Osama bin Laden and Charlie Sheen have been getting lately.

via Breaking: Jesse James is still the worst – Jesse James –

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