Rupert Everett: Beyonce is Dull and Sharon Stone Unhinged

I’ve loved Rupert Everett ever since I saw him in one of my favorite movies,  “Another Country.”

He’s definitely off the wall- and very outspoken…

He kind of reminds me of someone I “dated” back in the 1980’s who was also great fun, but totally crazy…

Believe me, no matter how enthralling they are, it’s best to observe guys like this from a distance….

From London’s The Daily Mail:

‘When I got to Hollywood I had this fantasy that all these huge stars would be these amazing, fabulous creatures. I grew up devouring books on Montgomery Clift, and so much of his appeal to me lay in the gutter side.

‘But you get to Hollywood and everybody’s so boring. Being an actor in Hollywood is like joining the Army or something.When you see them in a restaurant raising an arm, it’s more likely to be to make a call to their banker than swig back a glass of champagne.

Rupert described Madonna as smelling ‘vaguely of sweat’ and being an ‘old, whiny barmaid’

‘So many of these stars today are just boring, boring, boring. Listening to Beyoncé  Knowles talking about her life, her career, is like listening to an Army general talking about a military operation. Beyond dull.’

via Rupert Everett: Beyonce is dull and Sharon Stone unhinged | Mail Online.

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