Democratic Professors vs Republican Professors: A Comparison

Interesting article from Inside Higher Education.  Especially in light of the recent information that the Koch brothers and other right-wing billionaires are trying to endow professorships to control what and how information is being taught in colleges…

Also, the Republicans don’t really think everyone should be able to go to College…That’s clear from their policies.

Hat Tip to Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire where I first saw this article mentioned…

Republican professors and Democratic professors presumably produce different outcomes when they enter the ballot box, but what about when they record grades?

A forthcoming study finds that there may be notable differences. Democratic professors appear to be “more egalitarian” than their Republican counterparts when it comes to grading, meaning that more of the Democratic grades are in the middle. Republicans are more likely than Democrats to award very high grades and very low grades.

Another key difference is that black students tend to fare better with Democrats than with Republicans.

More:   News: Red Grader, Blue Grader – Inside Higher Ed.

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