Woman Tattoo’s All FaceBook Friends Profile Pictures on Her Arm

Okay, I admit I just don’t get tattoo’s at all.  Maybe it was growing up around too many World War II vets who got them while they were drunk overseas and kept saying the wish they had never done it.

Maybe it’s because I’m so aware fashions change and these things are permanent.  I would hate to be stuck with the 1970’s fashions for the rest of my life…

Maybe it’s because I keep thinking that what looks cute on a tight 20-year-old body is really going to start looking like crap on a heavier, sagging 60-year-old body….

But what is this woman going to do if someone defriends her or changes their profile picture?

Another example that supports my concerns for the critical thinking skills of people today….

I just wish I knew of a company that will be able to remove these things in the future so I could invest in them now.  It would make for a most comfortable retirement…

UPDATE:  It has been reveled this was all a publicity stunt and the video is faked.  These are temporary tattoos that wash off in a couple of days….I trust no one decided to follow suit and do this in reality!!

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