Justin Bieber’s Vanity Fair Lowest Selling Issue in 12 Years


As some of you may recall, I questioned this when I got my copy of “Vanity Fair” in the mail.  Justin Bieber is not exactly the type of celebrity that appeals to the “Vanity Fair” audience.

He’s more like “Tiger Beat”.  But apparently even his “Teen Vogue ” cover also tanked…

I guess the ‘tweens and teens are more digital.  Another “Duh…”

I only took one Marketing course in College, but even I remember the concept of “target marketing”.  Justin Bieber just doesn’t appeal to “Vanity Fair’s” target market – or to most educated, discriminating upscale music buyers and listeners.

Massive marketing failure….

Justin Bieber may have more than 10 million Twitter followers, and a hit with his documentary Never Say Never — but that doesn’t translate into newsstand sales for the magazine covers he graces.

The February Vanity Fair that featured the 17-year-old covered in lipstick kisses is on track to become the worst selling issue in 12 years, Women’s Wear Daily reports. It may also become one of the three worst sellers for the magazine since Graydon Carter was named editor in chief in 1992.

“Who knew 12-year-olds didn’t buy magazines?” said a Vanity Fair spokeswoman.

It’s sold 246,000 copies, according to Audit Bureau of Circulation’s’ Rapid Report — which is not yet audited, so numbers could change slightly.


Bieber didn’t only lower numbers for Vanity Fair. His October 2010 Teen Vogue cover sold 121,054 copies, which is about 12 percent below the magazine’s 2010 average, WWD points out.

People’s April 2010 Bieber cover sold 961,762 copies, which was down 25 percent from its annual sales in 2010, and became the third worst seller of the weekly that year.

via Justin Bieber’s Vanity Fair Lowest Selling Issue in 12 Years – The Hollywood Reporter.

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One response to “Justin Bieber’s Vanity Fair Lowest Selling Issue in 12 Years

  1. Aunt Lily

    I bet even tweens want to give the Bieber a rest.


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