Passing the Ball to Eric Cantor

Looks like Boner (spelling intentional) may be hanging Cantor out to dry….


Eric Cantor is just about the most despicable man in Congress.  I can’t think of anything better than for him to get what’s coming to him…

He doesn’t want a deal, he wants to play games.  Let the games begin.  I somehow think President Obama just may know more about playing the game  than Cantor…

Some interesting details from Jay Newton-Small on yesterday’s debt ceiling negotiations at the White House:

“Boehner hardly said a word in the meeting. His stance seems to be: if Cantor didn’t like the grand bargain, he’s welcome to negotiate one on his own. Republicans left the meeting noticeably subdued. Few had anything they wanted to say about it. And Cantor may have just jumped from the frying pan of Biden’s debt talks and into the fire of Obama’s. He has little experience hammering out legislative deals — particularly at this level. He wanted a smaller deal, and now Boehner’s sitting back and watching silently as Cantor flounders.”

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Times has more on the “long-simmering rivalry” between the top two Republicans in the House.

via Passing the Ball to Eric Cantor.

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