My Thoughts: How to Solve the So-Called Debt Crisis: Sell Texas

I’m so tired of hearing all the foolishness in Washington about this manufactured debt crisis the Republicans came up with as an excuse to drive their agenda.  It’s gotten all out of their control now and is threatening all kinds of dire consequences if they force us into default on the national debt.

Well, I have figured out my own solution.  Except for Austin and a couple of other nice cities, lets just sell off Texas.  I’ve been there.  Believe me, we won’t miss it.

Their Governor, Rick Perry, and the Republicans there keep threatening to secede anyway, so lets just sell them off to the highest bidder and make everyone happy.  Surely we would get enough from Mexico or China or someone to greatly reduce the national debt and they would be free of the Washington government they seem to hate so much…

That’s not too much of a sacrifice for them to make, is it?  If they are as patriotic as they claim to be, surely they will be glad to do this for the greater good of the country  They keep saying we have to do something NOW and sacrifices are necessary.  So, let’s sacrifice by selling Texas.  I would much rather do that than cut Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security.  I hope Ann Richards and Molly Ivins would approve…

And we would get rid of a lot of the fools Texas sends to Washington to cause all this trouble…

Makes as much sense as most of the “real” solutions coming out of Washington.

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